Manage and seamlessly connect all your devices to each other and to the internet.


Manage and seamlessly connect all your devices to each other and to the internet. We use commercial grade products, both indoors and out, to ensure you have complete wireless coverage.


A well-designed home network is invisible, but there is a lot of hardware and many connections being made behind the scenes to deliver your home technology. To keep your network up and running at all times, we use managed network switches and remote monitoring tools.

Enjoy your home technology, and we resolve any interruptions as quickly as possible – sometimes before you even aware that there is a problem.



Future-proofed home networking from DigiCon Home will change the way you work, play and interact.


Dependable home networking solutions have never been more critical. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and gaming systems – all these bandwidth-devouring devices are essential components of your daily lifestyle. They demand comprehensive home networking solutions that support this new reality.


Professional home office networking solutions from DigiCon Home incorporate the latest technologies to ensure fast, reliable connections throughout the home.


Set up a home workspace that puts your office to shame.


Participate in virtual meetings and webinars, while your family enjoys favorite streaming movies, television shows, music, videogames and websites – without the slightest loss in performance.


From wired to wireless, new construction to retrofit, DigiCon Home provides flexible whole-home networking solutions that create the best, most reliable home networks for your household.


Set yourself up for Connected Home high performance with the latest in residential technology: HDTV, media servers, Gigabit networking, VoIP, IPTV, Wi-Fi, and broadband Internet.


DigiCon Home provides the ideal backbone support network for these convenient and sophisticated technologies.