Watch or listen to what you want, where you want, and when you want – in the comfort of your home.


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DigiConHome provides high quality home automation services to homeowners in the Greater Dallas area.


We’ll work with you on projects of all sizes, ranging from the early stage design of a fully integrated audio, visual, and security system for a new property – to updating your media room or home theater for the entire family to enjoy.


Whether you’re interested in upshifting your comfort level, adding a peace of mind in security, or upgrading an existing system, we are ready to help you every step on the way.


Do the right thing and enjoy the comfort of XXI-st century technology. Our knowledge and engineering experience is at your service.



Enjoy user-friendly home automation that works with your lifestyle.



Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can include temperature and humidity control, including fresh air heating and natural cooling.


An Internet-controlled thermostat allows you to control the building's heating and air conditioning systems remotely.


The system may automatically open and close windows to cool the house.


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Climate Control:

Networking, internet connection, and home office

Our home networking solutions use the latest technologies to ensure fast, reliable network connections throughout your home.


Stream your favorite movies and television shows, play music and video games or surf websites without the slightest loss in performance.


Set up a home workspace that puts a corporate office to shame. Connect to blazing fast Internet from the home office, bedroom, basement, or backyard.


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Security cameras cover much more than just transmitting a live image. Modern surveillance systems are your extended eyes that allow you to view both live and recorded images of your property from anywhere in the world. 


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Automated shades and drapes

Get used to an automated luxury, let the smart house do the job.


When the afternoon sun reaches a certain temperature, shades will automatically close in the living room.


Bedroom shades will lower at night when ready for bed, and raise slowly in the morning to wake you up to the new day.

Create privacy or manage temperature throughout the day with automated shades and curtains integrated in your home.


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Energy Saving:

In addition to utilizing energy efficient lighting and appliances, you can integrate energy-saving smart lighting controls, power controllers that turn appliances off automatically, and programmable climate control systems.


Automated irrigation systems and automatic faucets can help you reduce your water usage, too.


Many of these simple solutions are very affordable, plus, the money you’ll save on your energy bills will help offset the costs to automate your home.


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Lighting does more than improve visibility in a room. It creates an ambience and sets a mood. It can be carefully controlled to ensure you create the best environment for enjoying your home entertainment systems, outdoor kitchen and indoor living areas.


Lighting control systems

Go one step beyond the traditional switches and dimmers with modern lighting control systems.


We install sensors that know when you enter or leave a room, or track the sun as it moves around your property.


We can automate your exterior lights, and add pathway sensors to light your way thru the house at night. Home automation products can be used for something as simple as adding Multiway switching to existing electric lighting circuits, or can include very complex interactions with other systems.


A Lighting control system can be used to switch lights based on a time cycle, or arranged to automatically go out when a room is unoccupied. Natural lighting (daylighting) can be used to automatically control window shades and draperies to make best use of natural light.


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Smart lighting

Smart appliances

Using special hardware, almost any household appliance can be monitored and controlled automatically or remotely, including cooking and cleaning appliances, swimming pool systems, and others.


Let your smart home make your morning coffee, wash your dishes and clothes, clean floors, maintain pantry temperature, take care of the swimming pool water quality and temperature, feed your pets, and  do much more!


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